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About Ben Tripp

Ben Tripp was born in New Hampshire to a creative household of artistic roamers. He did first grade in England and traveled with his family in a Volkswagen camper van across Europe, among many other early adventures. He never stopped drawing pictures and making up stories.

A miserable student, he attended the Rhode Island School of Design for a while, and at the age of 21 became the youngest show designer recruited to work at Walt Disney Imagineering. He remained there for five years. His career in the experiential design field spans almost three decades: he has been a designer and creative director on projects ranging from theme parks to museum exhibits, holiday resorts to urban centers. His clients spanned the entire industry.


This career indulged his love of travel, taking him to every corner of the world—the remote valleys of Nepal, the plains of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East and Mongolia, and dozens of great world cities. 

On the side, he worked in the movie business. Tripp was described in 1999 as the “best unproduced screenwriter in Hollywood.” He remains unproduced. Yet over the course of a decade, he worked on projects for every major studio and dozens of independent production companies. His stamp as a script sweetener and ghost writer remains on such pictures as Night at the Museum, Romeo Must Die, The Hardy Men, Max Payne, and numerous others. He sold Things That Go Bump in the Night to Paramount as a fully illustrated pitch.

Like so many scenarists in the film business, he has never received a screen credit for writing. It was this which turned him to writing novels. 

Now an award-winning author, Tripp has written Rise Again, Rise Again: Below Zero (both Simon & Schuster), The Fifth House of the Heart (Gallery), and the YA hit The Accidental Highwayman (Tor). He now writes under an undisclosed pseudonym.

In addition, Tripp is a commercial and fine artist whose poster designs and illustrations are sought after by clients around the world. His work has been shown in galleries and appears in private collections.

In his free time, Tripp is an avid motorcyclist, to the dismay of his neighbors.

He lives in Los Angeles and the Loire region of France with his wife, Oscar-winning writer-producer Corinne Marrinan Tripp. He has an adult son, Ian J.S. Tripp,  and two phenomenally ill-behaved Boston Terriers. 


Creativity is not about answers. It is about questions. If you concentrate on the questions inherent in a challenge, the right approach will emerge. After that it's merely hard work.

This approach to creative projects transfers from almost any kind of project to any other, and there's no limit to the media or methods one can use; consequently my output spans an unusually wide variety of fields and techniques.

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