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An artist’s website shows you pictures. A writer’s website shows you words. But how do you show people the intangibles, like ingenuity, leadership, mentorship? Can the creator collaborate with others? Can they lead teams and inspire the best work? Are they able to respond dynamically to challenges and unknowns that arise in the course of a project?


As a creative director, my approach to design and narrative has proven effective in every setting in which it’s used, from theme parks to motion pictures, from ad campaigns to branding exercises. I won’t attempt to explore my work as a director here. We’ll talk it over instead.


Bring me your most difficult stories, your most complicated creative problems. There is a solution, and I’ll help you find it and express it in the best way possible.

As for words and pictures, what follows is a sampling from the last three decades. Enjoy.

menu blank.jpg

Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra in Sholay, magazine illustration

Czech nightclub menu (detail)

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