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Novels and Essays

The writing career began with punching up scripts for Hollywood studios, along with essay-form political humor for assorted outlets including Counterpunch and The Huffington Post.

Novels grew out of this sideline and continue to provide a fascinating storytelling tool. 

Publicity for the novels resulted in a number of video trailers made entirely by the author, which can be found below.

The Fifth House

of the Heart


The genre-bending horror/ vampire/ heist story. Follow the adventures of antique antiques dealer Asmodeus "Sax" Saxon-Tang as he assembles an international team of vampire hunters to rob the greatest hoard ever assembled -- unless the vampire gets him first.


"Tripp melds the modern vampire myth with comic mystery and detective fiction in this intriguing and intelligent horror novel.”

-- Publisher's Weekly


Rise Again: Below Zero

(Simon & Schuster)

The second part of the Rise Again duology, in which Danny Adelman discovers death is not the worst thing that can happen to a loved one.


" excels at depicting a world whose center no longer holds and whose inhabitants will resort to any measure to stay alive. More than a routine zombiefest, this taut and intelligent tale succeeds as a moving meditation on a world steeped in 'the loneliness of life without afterlife.'"

-- Publishers Weekly


Rise Again

(Simon & Schuster)

​A brutal reinvention of the zombie apocalypse. Sheriff Danielle "Danny" Adelman is on a quest to find her runaway sister in an America brought down by the flesh-eating dead.


"Tripp balances kinetically choreographed scenes of zombie carnage with studies of well-drawn characters and enough political intrigue to give his tale more gravity and grounding than most zombie gorefests."

-- Publishers Weekly

rise again.jpeg

The Accidental Highwayman


A madcap tale of magic and mayhem in the 18th century. A young man rescues a faerie princess, more or less, and foils a plot to marry her off to Prince George III.


"Readers will root for star-crossed lovers, Kit and Morgana, and delight in their 'opposites attract' romance, drawn onward by a rollicking plot…. Fantasy readers, especially fans of Catherynne Valente's work, will enjoy the author's elegant turns of phrase. A first purchase for all fantasy collections."

--School Library Journal, Starred Review

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